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Labor & Delivery

We’re eagerly awaiting your arrival. DeKalb Regional Medical Center’s labor and delivery department is fully equipped to make your delivery experience a happy, healthy one. From a highly trained obstetrics team to a comfortable environment and caring staff, we’re here to help you prepare for labor, delivery, and your postpartum experience, all close to home.

At DeKalb Regional Medical Center, you will deliver your baby and begin recovery in a specially equipped, home-like, labor, delivery and recovery (LDR) room. Soon after your delivery, you will transition to a comfortable Mother and Baby room for the rest of your stay.

We know that this is an important and special time for you and your family with your new baby. Your baby can remain in the room with you, or if you’d like some quiet time, the nurses will be happy to care for your baby in the nursery for a few hours.

Nurses can answer your questions, from breastfeeding and bathing, to why your baby cries. What you learn from your nurses will give you a good start on taking care of your baby and yourself, once you return home. The infant security system helps us keep babies and mothers connected from delivery until discharge.

For more information call 256-997-2425.